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A couple went to church every week, but every  week without fail the husband would fall asleep  during the sermon.    The wife, being embarrassed by her husband's loud  snoring, decided to bring a needle to the next  service and poke him when he nodded off.    The next week when they were in church the  husband, as always, fell asleep. 
"Who created the Earth in 6 days  and rested on the 7th?"  The wife stuck her  husband with the needle and he jumped up and  exclaimed, "Oh my God!"    The preacher said, "That's correct."  And the  husband sat down mumbling to himself.    He soon fell asleep again.
The preacher  got to the question "Who died on the cross  to save us from eternal damnation?"    The wife stuck her husband again and he jumped  up and exclaimed, "Jesus Christ!"    And the preacher said, "Right again."    With this, the husband fell suspicious of his wife  and decided to catch her in the act.    The husband pretended to fall asleep while  keeping an eye on his wife.
"What did Mary say to Joseph after Jesus  was born?" the preacher asked.  The wife started to poke her husband  again, but before she could the husband jumped  up and exclaimed, "If you stick that damn thing  in me again, I'm going to break it in half!"