Hey there! Welcome to our jokes site. What do we have here? Well it's mostly a compilation of jokes and funny stuff that we have gathered and that you can help grow. Yeah, not only can you use this joke database for your own purposes but also you can help make it even bigger.

So go ahead and browse around the categories we have, dig a little, find the ones you like best and feel free to tell your friends that you came up with it and submitted it.

We won't say a word... just tell your friends about the site! Give them the opportinuty to submit stuff too, come on, don't be like that!

So far we have a couple of categories we thought of. If you think this would look better organized in a different way or that there should be an extra category, just mail us, we probably won't pay any attention.

That said, let's see what we have...

Special day jokes, birthday jokes, Halloween jokes, Christmas jokes... you know the kind of joke that involves Santa, the pope and Gwen Stefani on a chimney. Do you want to know what santa says? Look in the Special Day jokes, try under Christmas.

What can be better than jokes?

What else? People jokes... here of course, we laugh about different kind of people and Bush. We'll try to get as many bush jokes as we can so next party you can look funny, smart AND politically compromised... and if you don't like jokes we also have poems and famous people biographies.

Next is Jokes of occasion, yes! Now everytime you feel like it would be a great time for a classy joke about something, we'll provide the material!

Profession jokes, come on man, who said work can't be fun? By the way, we don't like lawyers jokes, we are thinking about removing that category. There's no way lawyer stuff can be fun in any way. I don't know. If you have tried to play poker in some poker sites, you'll notice that there are a lot of funny jokes going on around. We've compiled it on the sports joke section. Check it out yourself.

What is "Out of line stuff" you say? We included some sick, sick stuff in there man. So just don't use any of these in serious situations since people tend to get ticked off really easy. Oh, we also threw the worst, unfunniest jokes we could find in there, so it's up to you to figure out which one's which.

And what about "Fun stuff"? is kind of self explainatory. Just look in there to find a few quickies to amuse your friends, they'll love you and you'll make their day.

Last but not least, it's joke for the kids. Yes, this category is for all audiencies. I think... I haven't checked in a while. Anyways, enjoy it and if you have something funny in mind, type it and share it with the world!

One extra word, we would like to thank you the people from CodePeople who created the tools we used to create and promote this site using Dreamweaver and some great Dreamweaver templates.

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