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An expectant couple were soon to have their first  child. Their doctor told them of a new invention  to relieve the mother's pain during childbirth.  This invention could be attached to the mother and  it would transfer the pain she experienced to the  baby's father.   

The couple talked it over and the husband was  anxious to help his wife with her delivery. When  the blessed time came, they opted to use the new  invention. It was strapped to the mother and the  dial was set at 1.

With the mother's contraction,  the husband felt no pain. He asked that the dial  be adjusted to 3. With the next contractions, the  mother felt less pain and the husband tolerated  the experience well.

The husband, feeling  courageous and noble, asked that the dial be  turned to 100%. The nurse did so and the mother  completed the entire labor and delivery with no  pain. The husband did not feel any pain either,  and was certain that women had over-rated their  plight in childbirth.   

A few days later the happy new family returned  home from the hospital. They were shocked as they  drove into their driveway to see the mailman lying  dead on the front porch.