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One day a man and his wife went golfing, as they  frequently did together.  They arrived at the 12th  hole where the husband promptly hit a tremendous  slice that ended up behind an old barn.   

"I guess I'll just have to play it safe and chip  it onto the fairway," said the man.

"No wait," said his wife. "You can hit the  ball through the barn." 

The man decided to give it a try.  But he sliced  the ball, which ricocheted off the barn and struck  his wife in the head, killing her instantly.    The man was distraught and wallowed in his misery  for many weeks, depriving himself of golf the  whole time. 

Eventually he relaized that he must  face his demons and headed out to the very same  golf course to play.    Once again he found himself at the 12th hole and  once again he hit a slice right behind the very  same barn.    As he was preparing to hit out safely to the  fairway one of the other players in his foursome  asked if he wanted to try and hit it through the  barn.

"Oh no," replied the man, horrified.  "I tried that last  time." 

"What happened?"   

"I shot an 8!"