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This guy is having an affair with a married woman and her husband comes home early from work one day.  She jumps up and tells the man to go into the bathroom to hide.  Just as he gets in the bathroom and she hides his clothes under the bed, the husband opens the door and comes in. 

He asks, 'What the hell are you doing?'

Thinking quickly, the wife says, 'Uhm...waiting for you.' 

The suspicious husband looks at her in disbelief and says, 'But you're naked.'

Again the woman says, 'Yeah... I was waiting for you.' 

The husband relaxes and says,  'Hold on, I'm going to jump in the shower. I'll be back in a flash!'   

  The wife tries to stop him but he just ignores her and rushes for the bathroom.  When he opens the bathroom door, there is a naked man jumping around and clapping.

The husband asks,' What in the hell are you doing?' 

  He replied, 'I'm the exterminator, and your wife called saying you guys had a problem with moths.' 

The husband looks him over and says,'But you're naked.'   

The man looks down, jumps in surprise and mutters, 'Them little bastards.'