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When women see a 'caution' sign, they carefully avoid it, while men assume that it was meant for someone else, and come home with every bone broken.

*Women characterize the first date, by seeing how you act and eat.  Men check to see if you can name at least one football, basketball ot basebll star.

*When a women is pregnant and craves pickle and mustard sandwhiches, the man groans and wines until they remind him that you are the one having the baby HERE! But when the man craves a six pack, she diligently goes to the store and returns five hours later with a romantic movie.

*Women can stand to be wrong, while men make excuses about 'misunderstanding' and some how it is always the women's fault. 

*When a man attends a concert, he whoops, yells, shrieks and snorts, while he gobbles down anything he can get his hands on.  While women enjoy the show while dancing and socializing with friends. 

*When women stay in the bathroom for over 45 seconds, men assume that something is wrong, and walk in to examine.

*Women understand about privacy, and don't come in until 2 hours have passed.

*Women understand that babies do not come from a stork. 

*When in a hospital, women will share all emotions.  While men, being the 'tough' guys that they are, will 'stay calm' until someone finally notices that he has wet the chair he is sitting in. 

*Women love to help.  Men feel you want commitment when you ask to do the dishes...