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A man comes home to his wife, and he is chuckling.  His wife asks him what is so funny.   

'A limerick I heard today at work.  But I can't tell you,' he says.  'It's too dirty.'     

'Don't worry, I've heard them all,' she replies.   

'I really can't, it's the dirtiest limerick that I have ever heard!'     

'OK,' his wife says. 'How about you tell it, but substitute the word 'beep' in the place of the really dirty words.'     

'Fine,' he says. 'Here goes:    Beep beep-beep beep beep-beep beep beep,  beep beep-beep beep beep-beep beep beep.  Beep-beep beep beep beep,  beep-beep beep beep beep,  beep beep-beep beep beep-beep beep.'