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A man walking his son in the park one day came upon two dogs humpin'  The son turns to his dad and asks, “Dad what are those dogs doing?”  The dad says, “Son I'm about to teach you a very important thing about life, what them dogs are doing is…”

The father can't do it.  He thinks of all the questions his son will have.  He tries again, “Son them two dogs are…”  He stops again and decides to wait until the boy is older.

“Son, you see that dog on top, well his two front paws are hurt and that dog on the bottom is helping him home.”  The son turns to his father and says, “You're right dad, that is a very important thing in life to learn.”  The dad asks, “Do you know why that is, son?” 

The son replies, “Because every time you try to help someone out you always get screwed.”