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school collection 26
Mother: Why did you just swallow the money I gave you?
Son: Well you did say it was my lunch money!

What's a mushroom?
The place they store the school food!

Teacher: I said to draw a cow eating some grass but you've only drawn the cow?
Pupil: Yes, the cow ate all the grass!

My teacher reminds me of history
She's always repeating herself!

A math joke
Teacher: Did your parents help you with these homework problems?
Pupil: No I got them all wrong by myself!

school collection 06
What's black and white all over and difficult?
An exam paper!

A history joke
Why aren't you doing very well in history?
Because the teacher keeps asking about things that happened before I was born!

A history joke
Who invented fractions?
Henry the 1/8th!

A history joke
The Spanish explorers went round the world in a galleon.
How many galleons did the get to the mile!

A history joke
What kind of lighting did Noah use for the ark?

school collection 25
Little Monster: I hate my teacher.
Mother Monster: Well just eat your salad up then dear!

"What's the matter with your dinner?"
"Can you describe it for me please in case I need to tell my doctor later what I've eaten!"

Abraham Lincoln had a very hard childhood, he had to walk 7 miles to school everyday.
Well he should have got up earlier and caught the school bus like everyone else!

A math joke
Dad, can you help me find the lowest common denominator in this problem please?
Don't tell me that they haven't found it yet, I remember looking for it when I was a boy!

Teacher: What came after the stone age and the bronze age?
Pupil: The sausage!

school collection 15
What did Noah do while spending time on the ark?
Fished, but he didn't catch much. He only had two worms!

Mother: What was the first thing you learned in class?
Daughter: How to talk without moving my lips!

What did Caesar say to Cleopatra?
Toga-ether we can rule the world!

Teacher: What's big and yellow and comes in the morning to brighten a mothers day?
Pupil: The school bus!

What happened when the slave put his head into a lions mouth to count how many teeth he had?
The lion closed its mouth to see how many heads the slave had!

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