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harvard, yale, and urinal etiquette
A Harvard and Yale Law grad met in a washroom during a law convention.
The Harvard graduate said, "Didn't they teach you to wash your hands at Yale?"
The Yale grad responded, "They taught us not to piss on our hands."
shree hill
The teacher was checking her student roster on the first day of school and saw that she was missing three boys and one girl.

After a couple of minutes went by, a boy named John walked in and the teacher asked where he was. He said, "Shree Hill."

Then another student, named Bill, walked in and the teacher asked where he was. He also said, "Shree Hill."

Then the third boy, Shawn, walked in and the teacher asked him where he had been. And he said, "On top of Shree Hill."

Then, a girl walked in and the teacher asked, "Who are you?"
And she said, "Shree Hill."

sexually exhausted jock
At a high school an English teacher is busy with work as a student approaches the teacher and asks when the test final test will be. She tells the whole class and a smart-ass jock raises his hand.

"What if that day I just stayed home because I was sexually exahausted?'

'Well, I guess you'd just have to use your other hand to write with.'

one-armed jock
An English professor told her students that there would be no excuse for not showing up for their final exam, except for serious injury, illness, or a death in the student's immediate family. A smartass jock in the back of the room asked, "What about extreme sexual exhaustion?"

The entire class did its best to stifle their laughter. When silence was restored, the teacher smiled sympathetically at the student, shook her head, and sweetly said, "You can write with your other hand."

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