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A wizard joke
What happened to the stupid wizard who put in his false teeth back to front?
He ate himself!

A wizard joke
What do you call a wizard lying in the gutter?

A witch joke
Why do witches have stiff joints?
They get broomatism!

A wizard joke
What happened to the wizard who brushed his teeth with gunpowder?
He kept shooting his mouth off!

A witch joke
What's evil and ugly and goes up and down all day?
A witch stuck in a lift!

A witch joke
Why didn't the witch sing at the concert?
Because she had a frog in her throat!

A witch joke
What do you get if you cross a witch and an iceberg?
A cold spell!

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A ghost joke
How did the ghost song and dance act make a living?
By appearing in television spooktaculars!

A ghost joke
What is a drunkards last drink?
His bier!

A cannibal joke
What did a cannibal's parents say when she brought her boyfriend home?
''Lovely, dear, he looks good enough to eat!

A cannibal joke
What happened to the cannibal lion?
He had to swallow his pride!

A ghost joke
What did the baby ghost eat for dinner?
A boo-loney sandwich!

A cannibal joke
What is a cannibal's favourite food?
Baked beings!


A cannibal joke
What do sick cannibals have for breakfast?
Vitamin bills!

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