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redneck hitchiker
A truck driver was driving down the highway when he sees a priest hitchhiking on the road. He stops to pick up the priest, but he has a few misgivings about giving him a ride; usually when the driver sees a redneck on the road, he hits them -- with a priest in the truck, he'd have to swerve. But the driver decides to pick up the priest.

A little while later, he comes across a redneck hitchhiking. He decides to just swerve and let this one live when, all of a sudden he hears a "BOOM!" The driver looks over at the priest, who says, "Don't worry -- I got him with the door."

redneck on vacation
You might be a redneck if you have ever vacationed in a highway rest area.
redneck name tag
You know you married a redneck when she fills out her family reunion name tag, “Four for a Dollar.”
you might be a redneck... ammo
You might be a redneck if your mother has ammo on her Christmas list!

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