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michigan state fans
What do you get when you have a basement full of Michigan State fans?

A Whine Cellar!

passing football
A jumbo-sized freshman went to try out for the football team. The coach asked him if he could tackle and he said, "Hell yah, get a load of this!"

And with that knocked over a telephone pole as if it were made of balsa wood.

The coach was dumbfounded and asked if the boy could run, to which the boy replied, "Hell yah!" and he sprinted from endzone to endzone like lightning.

The coach stood there with his mouth agape to see such a huge boy run so fast. He finally composed himself and said, "But can you pass a football?"

The freshman stopped to think for a few seconds, then said, "Hell yah, if I can swallow it, I can surely pass it!"

yo mama's teeth...
Yo mama's teeth are so yellow that when she smiled at a NASCAR race, all the drivers stopped because they thought it was a caution sign.
picabo street philanthropy
Did you hear that former American Olympian Picabo Street donated a large sum to her hometown hospital's emergency center?

Her town named the centre after her: Peekaboo ICU.

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