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you mama's so stupid... tripped
Your mama's so stupid she tripped over a line on a basketball court.
caddy humor
Golfer: Notice any improvement since last year?

Caddy: Polished your clubs, didn't you?

Golfer: Why do you keep looking at your watch?

Caddy: This isn't a watch, sir. It's a compass.

Golfer: The doctor says I can't play golf.

Caddy: Oh, he's played with you, too, huh?

'Caddy, why didn't you see where that ball went?'

'Well, it doesn't usually go anywhere, Mr. Smith. You caught me off guard.'

yo mama is like a hockey player
Yo mama is like a hockey player she doesn't change her pad for three periods.
english, irish & scottish football
An Englishman, a Scotsman, and an Irishman are wandering through the desert, hungry and hallucinating, when they come upon a rotting, dead camel.

"Well," said the Englishman, "I support the Liverpool football club, so I'll eat the liver."

"I support the Hearts club," said the Scotsman, "so I'll eat the heart."

"I support Arsenal," said the Irishman, "but I seem to have lost my appetite."

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