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dennis rodman & limp bizkit
Limp Bizkit and Dennis Rodman are on a sinking ship. Who gets saved?

The music world and the NBA...

yo mama's so stupid
Yo' mama so stupid, she went to a Clippers game to get a haircut!
ice fishing
Two men have been sitting out on a lake all day long, ice fishing. One has been having no luck at all and the other has been pulling fish after fish out of his hole in the ice. The man having no luck finally leans over and asks the other what his secrect is.
"mmmmm mmm mm mmm mmmm mmm mmm."
"I'm sorry, what did you say?"
"mmmmm mmm mm mmm mmmm mmm mmm."
"I'm sorry, I still didn't understand you." The successful man spits something into his hand.
"You've got to keep your worms warm."
the fishing spot
One day Bob and Bubba went fishing. They were catching a lot of fish so they wanted to figure out how to remember this part if the lake.

Bob said, 'I know. I can spit in the water!'

But Bubba said, ' No! How will we know it's your spit?'

They thought and thought and finally Bob said, ' I know. We can draw an 'X' right here on the side of the boat!'

But Bubba said 'No, no, Bob. That won't work! How will we know that we get the same boat next time?'

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