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stanley cup suicide
Ron Hextal, the Flyer's goalie, was so upset about losing the Stanley Cup that he decided to commit suicide, so he jumped out in front of a bus.

It went through his legs.
pool for djs
Why can't DJ's play pool?

Because they always scratch!

oh, god, no
Three clergymen were sitting in a boat, fishing.
"I'm thirsty," said the first. "I'm gonna go get myself a Coke." So he got out of the boat, walked across the water, and came back with his Coke.
"Ooh, that looks good," said the second and got out of the boat. He walked across the water, got his Coke, and came back.
"You're right," said the third. "I think I'll get one too." He steps out of the boat and sinks like a rock.
"Hey," said the first clergyman to the second, "should we tell him where the rocks are?"
david beckham
What's the difference between David Beckham and an airplane model kit?

One's a glueless kit and the other's a clueless git!

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