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bubba gets smart
Bubba was Alabama's star lineman. He was great at football, but not at academics. The principal was letting it slide until one day he decided that Bubba's grades HAD to be better. They decided to make him take a test. It was only one math problem. Everyone wanted to support Bubba out in the stands, so they held the test in the middle of the football stadium, so everyone could see. His math teacher went out to the center of the field with Bubba. It was test time. The teacher said, 'Ok, Bubba. What is six plus three?'

Bubba sat and thought. Then he said, 'nine,' confidently.

But out in the stands, everyone was yelling, 'Aw, c'mon. Give him another chance!'

the truth about baseball
Why did the professional baseball player cross the road?

Because his gigantic ass commanded him to.

chicken on the football field
Why did the chicken run onto the football field?

Because the umpire called a foul.

you're so short
You're so short, you could play racquetball on the curb.

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