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a brief visit to the doctor
A man and his wife went to the doctor's office and the doctor asked the man for a blood, urine, and feces sample.

The man was slightly deaf and said, 'What?'

Again, the doctor said, 'I need a blood, urine and feces sample."

The man still looked puzzled, so his wife leaned over and yelled into his ear:

'Sheldon, the doctor needs a pair of your underwear!'

ode to a glow worm
I wish I was a glow worm.

A glow worm's never glum.

It's hard to be downhearted, When the sun shines out your bum!

crazy little critters...
Q. How do crabs leave the hospital?
A. On crotches!
medicinal marijuana
Why can't you shoot up marijuana?

Because you'll get a budclot!

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