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the gynecologist's glasses
Why did the gynecologist go to the eye doctor?

Because things were looking a little fuzzy.

the shooting
An old lady's husband had just died and she felt their was no reason to live anymore. She called the doctor and asked excactly where her heart was. He told her it should be under her left breast.

That night she went to the emergency room with a shot in the knee.

doctor, doctor! gimme the news!
An old man and a old lady went in the doctor's office to get their yearly exam. The doctor came in and started to get some information from them. He then told the old man that he needed to have a stool sample and a urine sample. The old man turned to the old lady and asked her what the doctor said.

"He needs a pair of your underwear."

it ain't surgery
A plumber attended to a leaking faucet at a neurosugeon's house. After a 2-minute job, he demanded $75.
"I don't charge this amount even though I'm a surgeon."
"You're right -- that's why I switched from surgery to plumbing!"

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