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lincoln, jfk, & crazy coinkydinks
Lincoln and JFK started politics 100 years apart.
Lincoln and JFK were elected to office 100 yrs apart.
Lincoln and JFKs' vice president's had the last name Johnson.
Lincoln and JFK have 7 letters in their last name.
Lincoln had a secretary named Kennedy and Kennedy had a secretary named Lincoln.
Here's the BIG ONE: Lincoln, a week before his death, was in Monroe, Maryland. Kennedy, a week before his death, was in Marilyn Monroe!!!!
republican light bulb replacement policy
How many Republicans does it take to change a light bulb?

Three. One to change the bulb, one to call the media and publicize it, and one to blame the electric bill on the Democrats.
dear old dad
Q: What did Saddam Hussein have in common with his father?

A: Neither knew when to pull out!

top ten perks of being saddam hussein's stepson
10. For your birthday, you get the head of an infidel
9. People never refer to you as "The crazy one in the family"
8. On weekends, you get to bring home weapons of mass destruction
7. Don't want to clean your room? Threaten to tell the United States dad's exact location
6. Play your cards right and in 10 years you'll be torturing the Iraqi people
5. Unique chance to observe a tyrannical madman up close
4. Big inheritance when U.S. troops finally kill your stepfather
3. Father-son bonding over 3am prank calls to U.N. weapons inspectors
2. You can get first pick of the police auction's seized and repossessed camels
1. Get to call Bin Laden "Uncle Osama"

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