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bush at the wheel
Some say George W. Bush quit drinking because of this incident...

Back in his party days, Dubya got behind the wheel after a few too many. He started the car and stepped on the gas. He was driving for a while, when suddenly a white ghost face appeared in the window. George saw it and began screaming.

He stepped on the gas harder, but the face floated right in the window. George floored it - the speedometer read 110mph but the face did not disappear. A white hands gestured for him to roll down the window. Not knowing what else to do, he rolled it down slowly.

The wrinkled old face smiled and said, "Do you want help getting out of the mud?"

esl 'n' enron
Why has the Enron scandal been so hard on ESL teachers?

Because they now have to explain to their students why "to LAY" is worse than "to F*CK"!

the worst hostage drama in the world
Terrorists hijack a plane full of lawyers.

They ask for a ransom 20 million dollars, and threaten to release one lawyer at a time if not given what they ask for...
whitehouse parrot
A man walks up to the whitehouse and shouts to the guard, "I'd like to speak to Bill Clinton, the President."

The guard replies, "Bill Clinton is no longer the President of the United States. George Bush is the President."

After this happens three days in a row, the guard yells in disgust, "I told you Bill Clinton is no longer the President. George Bush is the President of the United States.

The guy says, "I know. I just like hearing it!"

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