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concorde humor
What's the difference between Air France and British Airways?

Air France drops you off at the hotel!

respecting the first lady
George W. Bush walks into a restaurant in Washington DC with his wife Laura. The waiter approaches the table and asks for his order.

'I'll have your biggest, juiciest London Broil,' answers the President.

'But sir, what about the mad cow?!!' asks the waiter.

'Oh,' answers Dubya, 'she'll order for herself.'

gary condit's fowl behavior
Gary Condit quit politics and got a job at KFC. Why did they fire him?

He couldn't keep his hands off the legs and breasts.

slick willy
Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Ross Perot are on a ship when it is sinking. Perot orders for all women to head for the life boats. Bush says screw the women! Clinton says "Do we have time?"

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