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senate slander
A member of the United States Senate, known for his hot temper and acid tongue, exploded one day in mid-session and began to shout, "Half of this Senate is made up of cowards and corrupt politicians!"

All the other Senators demanded that the angry member withdraw his statement, or be removed from the remainder of the session.

After a long pause, the angry member acquiesced. "OK," he said, "I withdraw what I said. Half of this Senate is NOT made up of cowards and corrupt politicians!"

helen keller's broken arm
How did Helen Keller break her arms?

Trying to read road signs at forty M.P.H.

government vs. mafia
What's the difference between the government and the Mafia?

One of them is organized.

david beckham redux
What do David Beckham and a Cartier watch have in common?

They both come in a Posh box!

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