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skin canoes
Three men are found in the wilderness by civilized cannibals. The men are led to a gravesite next to the water.

"You have two choices of death," says the chief. "We either will kill you as a coward, or we will let you die honarable deaths for your homelands. You choose the weapon. Either way, your skins will be used to make our canoes."

The first man, a soldier at heart, asks for a handgun. With this shoots himself. The next man, a warrior at heart, he uses a Japanese katana to commit seppuku as a Japanese man. The last man asks for a fork. He stabs himself repeatedly in the chest.


little boy blue
Knock, knock!
Who's there?
Little boy blue.
Little boy blue blue who?
Michael Jackson.
dr. dre's prognosis
How do you know if Dr. Dre has a high sperm count?

Eminem has to chew before swallowing

hot 'n' heavy
One day a guy and a girl were making out in her parents' bedroom, and it was getting pretty steamy. All of a sudden, the guy takes out his shlong and places it in her hand. She screams and runs downstairs, through the kitchen, through the living room, the bathroom, the dining room, back upstairs, through her bedroom, her bathroom, her sister's bedroom, down the hall and back into her parents' bedroom.

"Listen, pal! I have two words for you -- DROP DEAD!"

"I have two words for you -- LET GO!"

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