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prostitiute's friends
What do you call a buncha women hanging around prostitutes?

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christmas in heaven
Three men all die on Christmas Day, and arrive at the pearly gates. Peter greets them and tells them that they are all evil men who SHOULD go to hell - but because it's Christmas, he'll let them into heaven if they have something representing the holiday with them. One of the guys has a Christmas ornament, and gets let in. Another guy has pine needles on his shirt, and gets let in. The third guy pulls out a pair of panties.

"How do those represent Christmas?" asks Peter.

"These are Carol's."

there's no people like snow people
How can you tell the difference between a snowman and a snow woman?

Snow balls
that's a woman's job
One day, Farmer Brown went behind his barn and found to his dismay that his son, Jeb, was jerking off. He vowed to his son that he was going to help him find a wife, so he would not have to be doing this.

Sure enough, the father was able to find a suitable bride just right down the road and the couple was married shortly thereafter. Six weeks later the farmer was again going behind the barn and caught his son vigorously jerking off. The farmer went berzerk.

"Why are you still doing this, why aren't you with your wife?"

"Aw Paw," said the son, "Her little old arm gets so tired."

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