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safe elephant sex
How can you tell that elephants have been doing it in your garage?

All your Hefty Bags are missing.

sheep boy
A man that lives on a farm wakes up and goes outside to find a man screwing one of his sheep and a little boy watching. He walks up to the boy and says 'Who's that screwing my sheep?' The boy replies, 'That's my Daaaaaaaad.'
my dog can beat up your dog
Once a man walked into a bar and sat down at a booth.

Eventually, he and another man got into an argument about whose dog could whoop the other dog.

The man said, "Let's have a fight out back.'

'Okay' said the other.

When they got their dogs, one man opened a case and brought out a 12 inch long yellow dog.

That dog proceeded to kill every other dog in town.

When one man asked, 'Where did you get that dog?' the man said, 'Well, before I cut its tail off and painted it yellow, it was an alligator."
stupid birds
Why do birds fly south for the winter?

Because it's too far to walk.

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