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snail heads for the daytona tracks
There was this snail who wanted to be a Formula One racing driver. He went along to the track and asked if he could drive. The racing team manager said, "Yes, but you can't have a number on your car, you can only have an 'S' because you are a snail."

The Snail was okay with this is so he entered the race. The race started and the snail's car was at the back...but suddenly he sped to the front, over-taking all the cars and won!!

As the spectators saw the Snail speed past them, they yelled "WOW! LOOK AT THAT S-CAR GO!"

what came first...
Q: Why does a chicken lay eggs?

A: Because if she dropped them, they'd break.

a ton of pinching?
What weighs 2,000 pounds and pinches?

An elephant wearing a tight tuxedo!

donkeys' quixotic journey
Who do donkeys journey to the top of the mountain to see?
The Wiseass.

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