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Do you know what a wok is?

It's something you throw at a wabbit.

Three women die and get to heaven, and St. Peter greets them at the door and says, "Once you get into heaven, you mustn't step on any ducks." The women find this request very strange, but they agree, and enter heaven.

Once they get in, it's wall to wall ducks. A day goes by and the first women steps on the duck. St. Peter comes back with this old, smelly, fat, ugly man and chains them togther saying, "For stepping on a duck, you have to spend forever chained to this man."

Another day goes by and the second women steps on a duck, and St Peter comes back with another old, smelly, fat, ugly, man and chains them togther and says, "For stepping on a duck you have to spend forever chained to this man"

The third women sees this happening and doesn't want this to happen to her. So a month goes by and she hasn't stepped on a single duck. St. Peter comes back and chains her together witjh this really handsome man and walks away. The third women says, "How come I have the pleasure of being chained to you?"

The handsome man replies, "I don't know about you, but I stepped on a duck."

osama and saddam are walking through a ...
Osama and Saddam are walking through a desert when they come across a fence where a goat has his head stuck.

Saddam looks at Osama, Osama looks at Saddam and Osama smiles, drops his pants, and starts goin to town with this goat, just tearin' his ass up. After Osama is done, he says, "Alright, Saddam, your turn."

And Saddam drops his draws, grabs his ankles, and sticks his head in the fence.

yo mama and a rat
Yo mama so ugly, that when she wore Pepper Jack panties, even the rats wouldn't eat her.

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