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for people with time on their hands
Three bears came out of hibernation and they were stinky so they decided to take a bath. When they get into the bathtub, the last bear says to the first bear, 'Can I have the soap?'

The first bear says to the second bear, 'Who does he think I am -- a radio?'

Did you get it??

Well you aren't suppose to!! When you tell this to a friend get some people to laugh when you say the joke, so the friend looks stupid when they don't get it. Sometimes they will say they get it but they can't cause there is no point. So have fun with it.

wailing whale
What do you do with a blue whale?

Cheer it up!

cow at cranberry cove
What do you call a cow murder mystery?

A moo-done-it.

Why did the farmer sell his frog leg ranch?

He found out it was a 'rough toad to hoe.'

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