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jumping rope
Two teenagers were walking through a park when they saw two rabbits getting it on, fast and furious.

"What are they doing?" asked the girl.

"They're jumping rope," said the boy. "Maybe I'll teach you how someday."

"I think I want you to teach me now," said the girl. So the two went behind some bushes and started getting it on. When the boy had his pants down, the girl asked what that was behind his "rope."

"That," said the boy, "that's my knot."

"Well," said the girl, "untie the knot and give me some more rope."

afghani fowl
What's the national bird of Afghanistan?


turkey rhythm
Q: Why did they let the turkey join the band?

A: Because he had his own drumsticks!

penguin & jfk, jr.
What do JFK Jr. and a penguin have in common?
They're both cute as hell and can't fly!

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