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rednecks' dogs
Q: Why do rednecks' dogs have flat noses?

A: From chasing parked cars...

pic & sav
What did the little birdie say when he flew over Pic & Sav?
Cheap, cheap, cheap.
turtle soup
A waitress walks up to a man to take his order.

"I'd like to get the turtle soup, please." The waitress walks off to go get his order, but the man changes his mind and decides he wants the pea soup instead.

"Hold the turtle, make it pea!"

cow riddle
A black cow was standing in the middle of the road. A man was hauling ass around a corner with no headlights on, no dome light, no lights on at all. He slams on the brakes at just the right time to miss the cow. How did the guy see the cow?

It was daytime

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