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Men And Women

three hellos
A man comes home from work early to find his wife in bed with three men.

He is completely shocked and shouts, 'Hello, Hello, Hello!'

His wife whines, "What? No hello for me!?!"

when cats are like men
  • They are independent.
  • They don't listen.
  • They don't come in when you call.
  • They like to stay out all night.
  • When you are trying to get things done, they want your attention.
  • When they are home, they like to be left alone and sleep.
  • how did britney spears...
    How did Britney Spears cross the road?

    With a magic marker

    picture perfect
    A husband said to his wife, "I will take a photo of your breasts and frame it ."

    The wife said to her husband, "I will take a photo of your penis and enlarge it."

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