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bucket of what?
What's the difference between a bucket of crap and a mother-in-law?

The bucket!

These three married couples died and when they got to the pearly gates. St.Peter told the first husband, “I can't let you in. You let alcohol run your life. You even married a girl named Sherry.” Dejected, he turned and walked away.

The next married couple stepped up, and St.Peter told the husband, “Can't let you in sir. While you were on earth, you allowed money to run your life. You even married a girl named Penny.” The guy hung his head, turned and walked away.

The husband of the third couple waiting in line, overheard both conversations and said, “Come on, Fanny, he's not going to let us in either.”

hot babe in bar
A hot babe goes into a bar and orders a 'sex on the beach'. She notices a slick dude at the end of the bar with a very prominent feature.

"Hi big guy," she says, batting her eyelashes.

"Oh hello, beautiful," he says stepping closer to her.

"I couldn't help but notice what big feet you have," as a look of wonderment spreads across her face.

"You know what that means..." he coos.

"Yes, trouble for the ants," she says.

why women don't need driver's licenses
Why don't women need driver's licenses?
Because there are no roads between the laundry room and the kitchen!

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