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miracle drug
So this lady goes to her doctor and explains that her husband can't get it up like he used to and their sex life is suffering. The doctor asks, "Have you heard of a new drug named Zyban?" The lady says yes, but adds that her husband refuses to take pills of any kind, and certainyl won't take anything that "will make him feel like less of a man." The doctor advises the woman to slip it into his morning coffee when he isn't looking. The woman is nervous, but the doctor insists, "it will cange your life within a day," os she figures she'd better try it.

A week goes by and the lady shows back up at the doctor's office and the doctor asks her how it went. The lady heaves a tremedous sigh and explains, "I snuck it into his coffee like you said. And, sure enough, within 15 minutes, he cleared off the table, threw me on it and we had the best sex we'd had in 20 years." Perplexed, the doctor asks, "What's wrong with that?" And the lady schakes her head and says, "I don't think i'll be able to show my face at McDonalds again."

women and men
When is a woman above a man?

When the kitchen is upstairs!

the tired genie
This guy buys an old bottle at a yardsale. Upon polishing the bottle, a magical genie suddenly appears.

The grateful genie exclaims, 'Thanks for letting me out of the bottle, I've been in there for a millenium. I'm pretty old and tired, but I think I've got one wish left.'

The owner of the bottle says, 'I've always wanted to go to Hawaii, but I'm afraid to fly and I get sea sick, so build me a road.'

'I'm too old and sick to grant that wish, got any other ideas?' replied the genie.

'OK,' replied the guy, 'I've always wanted to understand how a woman thinks, to understand her inner-most thoughts.'

The genie replies, 'Two lanes or four?'

no, officer
A man is driving with wife, when he is pulled over by a policeman.
"Sir," says the cop. "You were going 60 in a 50."
"No, I wasn't."
"Yes, you were," says the wife.
"Keep quiet!" says the man, angrily.
"And you weren't wearing a seatbelt," says the cop.
"Yes I was."
"No, you weren't," says the wife.
"SHUT UP!" says the man, really angry.
"Ma'am," asks the cop, "is he always the rude and violent?"
"Only when he's DRUNK."

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