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male disorientation
Q: Why does it take 1 million sperm to fertilize 1 egg?

A: They don't stop to ask for directions.

a hole in the head
Why does a man's penis have a hole in it?
So he can get oxygen to his brain.
the cowboy and his horse
A cowboy was riding through an old abandoned canyon trail when he was captured by a group of ruthless banditos, intent on killing him. But in their drunkenness, they decided to go easy on him and grant him three requests. For his first, he asked for his horse. He whispered something to his horse, who then rode off and returned with a beautiful woman, with whom the cowboy spent the night. The same thing happened the second day. But when the horse returned on the third day with another woman, the cowboy lost his temper and yelled "You stupid horse! I said POSSE!"
spell l-o-v-e
A man came in to heaven and God wanted to go on a vacation so he asked the man to take over while he was away. God told the man to give everyone a test before letting them into heaven. God leaves and a man comes floating up and says, 'Please let me in to heaven.'

The other man says, 'I have to give you a test first.'

The man coming into heaven says, 'Oh jeez I'm not too good at tests!'

The other man says, 'Spell LOVE' The man spells it, and he is let into heaven.

Then a woman comes floating up and says, 'Please let me into heaven,' and the man replies, 'Only if you pass this test.'

The woman says, 'Oh no, I'm not very good at tests.'

The man says, 'Your test is to spell LOVE.'

She spells it correctly, and is let into heaven.

The next person that comes floating up is the man's wife. She says, 'OK honey, let me in to heaven.'

The man says, 'I have to give everyone a test before I let them in to heaven.'

She says, 'OK, make it an easy one!!!'

Then the man says, 'Spell Hemorrhoid.'

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