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war on poverty
Did you hear about the woman who was waging a war on poverty?

She bombed the soup kitchen.
swicth hands
At a high school an English teacher is busy with work as a student approaches the teacher and asks when the test final test will be. She tells the whole class and a smart-ass jock raises his hand.

"What if that day I just stayed home because I was sexually exahausted?"

"Well, I guess you'd just have to use your other hand to write with."

more zombie baby jokes
Why did the zombie baby cross the road? He was stapled to the chicken.

How do you unload a truck of zombie babies? With a pitchfork.

How did the live baby escape from a room filled with with zombie babies? He ate his way out.

What's more fun then a barrel of monkeys? A barrel of zombie babies.

What's red and sits in a corner? A baby playing with a razor blade.

What's green and sits in the corner? That same baby three weeks later.

what do you call a woman...
What do you call a woman rolling around on the ground with no legs.


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