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santa's naughty list
Do you know why Santa is always so happy?

Because he knows where all of the bad girls are.
white stuff in bird poop
Do you know what the white stuff in bird poop is?

That's bird poop, too.
top 10 reasons to be stupid
10. Nobody cares if you act stupid.

9. You can hold a firm belief in something like the existence of 'space-cats' and nobody holds it against you.

8. The ability to inhale eggs through your nose is very popular at parties.

7. You can (apparently) easily become the President of the United States.

6. Lucky Charms. For you they really are magically delicious.

5. You already know the answer to the question: 'What are you, stupid?'

4. You are now categorized. i.e.: Trekkies, Goths, Hackers, stupid people, etc.

3. You can talk to animals. At least you think you can.

2. It's like being in grade 8 for your whole life.

1. Breaking stuff. It never gets old.
Q: What happened to the Indian who drank too much tea?

A: He drowned in his teapea.

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