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famous people and chickens
Why did the chicken cross the road?

Plato: for the greater good. Karl Marx: It was historical inevitability. Douglass Adams: 42 Oliver North: National security was at stake. Darwin: It was the next logical step after coming down from the trees Earnest Hemmingway: To die. In the rain. Saddam Hussein: It was an unprovoked act of rebellion and we were quite justified in dropping 50 tonnes of nerve gas on it. Ronald Regan: I forget. Jack Nicholson: 'Cause it f-----g wanted to. That's the f----g reason. Mark Twain: The news of it's crossing has been greatly exagerated. Mr T: If you saw me coming, you'd cross the road too

yo mama and a rat
Yo mama so ugly, that when she wore Pepper Jack panties, even the rats wouldn't eat her.
those crazy vermont folk
Why do people in vermont were kilts?

Sheep can hear zippers from a mile away.

skip to my fool
One day, a blonde was skipping on some train tracks singing "21, 21, 21, 21,...'

Along came a blonde who thought it looked like fun.

So she joined in and started singing "21, 21, 21, 21," and then a train came.

The brunette jumped off the tracks but the train ran over the blonde.

The brunette got back on the train tracks and started singing "22, 22, 22, 22,..."

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