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two knives
Why did the two knives go to the dance together?

Because they both looked sharp!
a piece of advice
Never play leap-frog with a unicorn.
vetoed valentine promotions
Valentines Day is here again, and with it the perfect opportunity for marketing departments the world over to romance investors and donors with Valentine-themed promotions! Here are some that didn't quite make it off the drawing board:

Nevada State Tourism Board
"Nothing Says I LOVE YOU Like Legalized Prostitution and Gambling" T-shirts, baseball caps, and coffee mugs.

Ku Klux Klan
* Valentine's Day Heart Burning, co-sponsored by Alka Seltzer

Vatican Public Relations Office
* "Naughty Altar Boy" limited edition ceramic figurine

American Heart Association
* Chocolate heart with marshallow-filled arteries. Simultaneously a touching token of love and a serious warning to an overweight sweetheart.

Daughters of the American Revolution
* Illustrated Kama Sutra featuring George and Martha Washington. Comes with authentic period wooden dental dam.

* Spray Paint a Red Heart on Joan Rivers' Coat Competition

National Society of Organ Donors
* "My Heart Belongs to You (As Soon As I'm Brain Dead)" cards.

Department of Homeland Security
* Moving the Valentine's Day National Warning System Code Red for a "High Risk of Lovin'"

one drunken night
A Drunken Night A guy wakes up in a drunken stupor, opening his eyes he sees Claudia Schiffer on the bed next to him. He thinks this is a little odd, as he doesn't remember a thing, let alone going to bed with her. He decides to get up and get himself a drink from the fridge. He gets to the fridge and opens the door and is faced with a large suitcase. He takes the suitcase out of the fridge, puts it on the table and opens it to find $1 Million. This is just a little too much for the guy who thinks he is losing his mind. He wonders if he is hallucinating, so he goes to the window and draws back the blind. Outside on his front lawn is the Klu Klux Klan and dangling from the tree is an open noose, empty. They appear to be beckoning him and shouting.

Now the guy is really freaked out, he quickly draws the blind and turns around.

In the corner of his kitchen is a leprechaun, obviously drunk as well.

He asks the leprechaun what is going on.

"Well," says the leprechaun, "I was drunk last night as well, and as I was crossing the road, I was nearly run down. You ran across the road and pushed me to safety, so I granted you three wishes in return for saving me."

"Well, I can guess the first one" says the guy, "Supermodel, bed, yeah I got that one. What about the other two?"

"The money in the fridge?" says the leprechaun, "You asked for a cool million."

"And them out there?" asks the guy,

"You said you wanted to be hung like a black man."

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