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texas talkin'
Here's what the heck they mean in the Lone Star State...
  • The engine's runnin' but ain't nobody driving = Not too smart
  • As welcome as a skunk at a lawn party = An unwelcome person
  • Tighter than bark on a tree = Stingy
  • Big hat, no cattle = All talk, no action
  • We've howdied but we ain't shook yet = We've met, but haven't been formally introduced
  • He thinks the sun come up just to hear him crow = He thinks his s#%! doesn't stink
  • She's got tongue enough for ten rows of teeth = She's a talker
  • It's so dry the trees are bribin' the dogs = Rain would be nice
  • Just because a chicken has wings doesn't mean it can fly = Appearances can be deceiving
  • This ain't my first rodeo = I've been around the block
  • He looks like the dog's been keepin' him under the porch = U-G-L-Y
  • They ate supper before they said grace = They're living in sin
  • Time to paint your butt white and run with the antelope = Stop arguing and do as you're told
  • As full of wind as a corn-eating horse = A braggart
  • You can put your boots in the oven, but that doesn't make them biscuits = You can say whatever you want, but that doesn't change a thing
rabbits in a row
What do you have if there are 100 rabbits standing in a row and 99 take a step back?

A receding hare line.
it happened at 40,000 feet
While cruising at 40,000 feet, the airplane shuddered and Mr. Benson looked out the window.

"Good Lord!" he screamed. "One of the engines just blew up!"

Other passengers left their seats and came running over. Suddenly, the aircraft was rocked by a second blast as yet another engine exploded on the other side. The passengers were in a panic now, and even the stewardesses couldn't maintain order!

Just then, standing tall and smiling confidently, the pilot strode from the cockpit and assured everyone that there was nothing to worry about. Most of the passengers seemed to feel better on hearing this, and they sat down as the pilot walked to the front of the aircraft. There, he grabbed several packages from under the seats and began handing them to the flight attendants. Each crewmember attached the package to their backs.

"Say," spoke up an alert passenger, "aren't those parachutes?"

The pilot said, "Yes, they are."

The passenger went on, "But I thought you said there was nothing to worry about?"

"There isn't," replied the pilot as a third engine exploded.

"We're just going to get help."

Happiness is waking up in the morning and finding a picture of your boss on the side of a milk carton.

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