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yo mama
Yo mama's so sorry she missed your birthday last week, she bought you a cake so big you gotta eat it twice to have it once!
get on the bus
A man comes home from work and finds his wife screwing his cousin in the closet.
'What the hell are you doing?!' the man asks.
'I'm riding a bus,' his cousin replies.
'That's a stupid thing to say!'
'That's a stupid thing to ask!'
the blind guy polemic
An almost blind guy walked into a sexy lingerie shop to purchase their most see-through item for his wife. After receiving some help from the store clerk, he bought a lace teddy for $600 and brought it home for his wife to try on. She took it upstairs and realized that it didn't quite fit. But, she figured, since it's supposed to be see-through and since he's almost blind, she might as well wear nothing at all. So she came downstairs completely naked.

"Huh," said the old man, hugging her. "For the amount I paid, they could've at least ironed the damn thing."

helping the pope with his holy crossword
A gentleman is sitting next to the Pope on an airplane. He sees that the Pope is doing a crossword puzzle. He thinks to himself, "I love doing crossword puzzles. I hope he will ask me for help."

Time passes, and the Pope says, "Excuse me, sir, but do you know a four-letter word that describes a woman and ends in 'unt'?"

The gentleman thinks about this and was about to answer when he realized he couldn't say something like that to the Pope. He thinks a while longer and finally says, "I believe the word you're looking for is 'aunt'."

The Pope replies, "Oh, you're right. That fits too. Would you happen to have an eraser?"

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