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and in a year i'll be five
A man escaped jail by digging a hole from his jail cell to the outside world. When finally his work was done, he emerged in the middle of a preschool playground.

"I'm free, I'm free!" he shouted.

"So what," said a little girl. "I'm four."

heading for trouble
A guy and his son go into a bar. The son is a miracle of nature and is just a head. The man asks the bartender for two shots. The man takes one shot and gives the other one to his son. The son swallows down the drink and out pops an arm.

The man thought, "Hey this is good."

So he asks for two more shots. He drinks one and gives the other to his son again, and out pops another arm.

The man the asks for a double and gives it to his son. The son throws it down and suddenly explodes.

The bartender looks over at the man and says, "Looks like he should have quit while he was ahead."

urinalotta trouble
Above the urinal, written on the wall:
Why are you looking up here? The joke is in your hand!
osama bin laden's halloween costume
What's Osama Bin Laden going to be for Halloween?


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