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halloween ha-ha-frickin'-ha
What does a skeleton say when he wants to eat?

Bone appetit!

A banana peel and a banana are robbing a store.

"Don't worry," says the peel. "I've got you covered!"
fooled you
Whats another name for a push-up bra?
False advertisement.
step right up...
Gwen met Randy at a nightclub. They hit it off, so she invited him back to her place. When they arrvied at her house, they went right for the bedroom. Randy noticed hunders of stuffed animals scattered throughout the room. Giant stuffed animals sat on the top of the wardrobe. Slightly smaller stuffed animals sat on the window sill. Many tiny stuffed animals sat on the bottom shelf of her book case. After they had sex, Randy asked, "So.. how was it?"

"Well," Gwen said, "you can take anything from the bottom shelf."

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