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using computers for a gratuitous screw reference
The difference between computers and people?

With computers, software goes into hardware.

two morons
Once there were these two morons sitting on a rock.
One moron fell off.
Why didn't the other one fall off?
He was a little more on!
havaii or hawaii
These two persons are discussing whether the state of Hawaii is pronounced 'Havaii' or 'Hawaii.' So there they stood arguing and arguing, until they decided to ask the gentleman that was walking by. The gentleman said, 'Havaii.' So they both looked at each other, and as the gentleman was leaving, one of the two said to him, 'Thank you.' The gentleman replied by saying, 'Your velcome.'
the misprinted money melee
This crook mistakenly made a counterfeit $8 bill instead of a $10 bill. He decided to try getting the $8 bill changed so he went to the teller at the local bank and asked for change. The teller looked at the $8 bill, hesitated, and then gave the crook two $4 bills as change.

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