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Why did the moron throw the butter out the window?
He wanted to see a butterfly.
nose detective
What does a clean nose have?

toilet brush
A man was grocery shopping one day when he passed the toilet brushes. 'Wow! What a great idea,' he thought to himself. So he bought one and took it home and started using it right away.
Two weeks later he went back to using toilet paper!
two men hunting
Two men were hunting in the woods when, all of a sudden, one man had a heart attack. The other called 911. Someone answered, and he said, "You've gotta come help me. The guy I was hunting with had a heart attack."

The person said, "Well, you've gotta make sure that he is dead."

So the hunter said, "Okay." Then he left the phone, there was a long pause, then a gun shot.
The hunter got back on the phone and said "Okay, now what?"

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