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how to urn bennys
There was a man named Benny who loved to take walks on the beach. One day he found a bottle with a genie in it. He let the genie out.
The genie was so grateful that he granted him one wish with the condition that he never shave again, otherwise he'd turn him into an urn.
Benny got his wish of riches and fame but he kept tripping over his long beard which he hadn't shaved in 30 years. Benny said to himself, “that genie isn't around anymore, I'm shaving.” With that, he went home and shaved. Instantly he went 'POOF' and turned into an urn.
Moral to the story: A Benny shaved is a Benny urn-ed.
tick, tick, tick, tick, broom!
What's the difference between a broom and a fifteen-year old guy?

Nothing! They're both always hard!
Why did the moron throw the butter out the window?
He wanted to see a butterfly.
nose detective
What does a clean nose have?


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