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the cowboy's wish
There was a cowboy riding down a trail on his horse and he came upon a rattlesnake. The cowboy reached for his gun and was about to shoot him when the rattlesnake said, "Don't shoot me. I am an enchanted rattle snake. If you don't shoot me I will give you three wishes."

The cowboy said, "Okay, I would like to have a face just like Clark Gable. I would like to have a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger's. And I would like to have sexual equipment like this here horse I'm ridin'."

The rattle snake said, "Alright. When you get back to the bunkhouse and look in the mirror, it will happen."

The cowboy got on his horse and rode back to the bunkhouse. He looked in the mirrior and saw a face just like Clark Gable staring at him. He ripped of his shirt and had rippiling muscles. The he ripped of his pants, looked down and yelled, "I forgot I was riding the mare!"

pickled bread
Q. What's another name for pickled bread?

A. Dill-dough!
pull over
A car decided not to stop for a stop sign but decided to slow down instead. A cop saw him and followed for about a mile before pulling him over. The cop got him out of his car and said 'Why didn't you stop?' The man said, 'I slowed down.' The cop pulled out his nightstick and started beating him. 'Now,' the cop said, 'do you want me to stop or slow down?'
What do you call three hippies having a yard sale?


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