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six and five
What has six boobs and five teeth?

The night shift at Waffle House.
student takes off his pants
A student is taking his final exams. He takes his seat in the exam hall, stares at the questions and then in a fit for inspiration takes his shoes off and throws them out of the window. He then removes his shirt, pants and socks.

The teacher, alarmed, approached him and asked what is going on?

"I am only following the instructions -- the test paper states, answer the questions in brief.'

color television
One day, a man walked into an appliance store.

"Do you sell color televisions?"

"Yes," said the clerk. "Yes, we do."

"Then give me a green one."

gone fishin'
Once there were two best friends, named Fred and DooDah. They were old fishing buddies, and one day headed out to their favorite lake to fish. After getting out on the lake, DooDah hooked a huge fish, which proceeded to pull him overboard, where he drowned a horrible watery death. Fred was brokenhearted, since DooDah was his best friend. But sad as he was, he realized that he would have to tell DooDah's wife the terrible news. He thought long and hard, but just couldn't think of the right words. Finally, he took a deep breath and knocked on her door. DooDah's wife opened the door and heard Fred start singing:
"Guess who drowned in the lake today? DooDah! DooDah!"

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