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yo mama so fat...
Yo mama so fat, she fell in love and broke it!
yo mama is so stupid
Yo mama is so stupid, she stared at a orange juice carton for an hour because it said "concentrate."
chair man of the board
Resolving to surprise her husband, an executive's wife stopped by his office.

When she opened the door, she found him with his secretary sitting in his lap.

Without hesitating, he dictated, "...and in conclusion, gentlemen, budget cuts or no budget cuts, I cannot continue to operate this office with just one chair."

a police officer saw a car speeding...
A police officer saw a car speeding down the highway.

He started chasing after the speeder . When he got close he's saw it was a blonde woman who was actually knitting while driving.

The cop yelled, "Pull over!"

The blonde shouted back, "No! It's a sweater!"

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