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halloween treats for the dead
What did the ghost get for Halloween?

Some Booo-T

topless fat woman
One day there was a big lady swimming at the beach when she noticed that she had lost her top. She thought that no one would notice if she covered herself with her arms and walked overto her towel. Then a little girl came running up to her.

"If you're going to drown those puppies, at least let me have the one with the cute little pink nose."

air head on a beer
Why did the blonde take a ladder into the bar?

She heard the drinks were on the house.

top 10 benefits of being a woman
  1. Women got off the Titanic first.
  2. Women can scare bosses with mysterious gynecological disorder excuses.
  3. Women can be groupies. Men groupies are called "stalkers."
  4. Women can cry and get off speeding tickets.
  5. Taxis stop for women.
  6. Free dinners, free drinks, free movies. Do the math.
  7. A new lipstick can give a woman a whole new lease on life.
  8. No one has to know if a woman forgets to shave.
  9. Women can congratulate their teammates without ever touching their rear.
  10. Women never regret piercing their ears.

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