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oh, skeleton. you'll never learn.
Why didn't the skeleton cross the road?

Because he had no guts.
shrinking, red narcissist
What's red, sits in front of a mirror, and gets smaller and smaller?

A baby combing his hair with a potato peeler.

Didja hear about the corduroy pillow?

It's making headlines!
a dream of jet planes
A security man has a dream that the plane his boss is supposed to take the next day is going to crash. When he wakes up he calls his boss at home and tells him. Insanely enough, the boss listens to him and decides not to take the plane.

The next day, according to the young man's words, the plane crashes. The relieved boss calls the young man to his office and gives him a reward -- and then fires him. Curious as to why he is fired, the man asks his boss. The boss replies, “You were sleeping on the job.”

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